Monday, February 2, 2009

Random January Moments

Hi there! January has flown by already. We've spent a lot of time catching up on house work. Mommy has been working on getting her painting business going again. You should check out her website, it's really fun: I've just been doing the usual: napping, tummy time. Oh - I am trying lots of different foods now! I think avocados and bananas mixed together are my favorite so far! Here are a few of the highlights from the month in pictures

You sure it just sits here?
Do you think we could ADD wheels?

You ready to make a trade for that bow yet?

Me and uncle Humberto

Hanging out at Humberto's with the rents

Mom, I'm busy with sweet potatoes here

What?!? NOT on the blog!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Head Dressing

The onset of "winter" here in Dallas has provided me with great opportunity for fancy hats and hoodies!

No, really, we could get frostbite!
What do you think...
shower cap or cat burgler with style?

My patterns clash and I'm NOT happy about it.

I know! Isn't the fur trim fabulous!?!

Yeah, I can do bear ears :-)

Christmas 2008 with Grandma & Papa Mulvihill

Hello All! I trust everyone had a happy, hectic, event filled holiday season! Holidays are fun (well, at least my first one was...), but I think we're glad to slow down a little. We spent Christmas with Grandma and Papa Mulvihill and all my brothers and sisters. It was cool: I got lots of presents and lots of attention :-) Some of the highlights: I met my big brother, Michael, for the first time. He took off for the army the DAY I was born (I came early, think he could have stuck around for a few hours!) Got to see my other siblings, know them already but we always have lots of fun together. My sis, Renee, introduced me to the taste of whip cream...I highly recommend it over rice cereal!! Grandma gave me books for Christmas and read them with me. I got a new seat, called a Bumbo seat. Mommy and Daddy think it's good for my posture, jury is still out in my opinion. I ate from a spoon for the first time, which was...interesting. Got some fun stuffed toys, lots of clothes, and, of course, got really tired and slept a lot!!

Grandma & Papa hooked me up with Christmas sleepwear!

Mommy is taking FOREVER to wrap presents!

I was glad when Daddy got there
(He couldn't drive out with me & Mommy because of work)

No, really Renee...
If you smile now they will expect it ALL week!

You've got the color Mommy,
now work on the kick!

I thought brother Michael was fascinating...
and big and comfy...
and later, I thought I'd see how he tasted!

You've got the tongue,
now open your eyes REALLY wide!

brother Zach cracks me up!

Huh, it just sits here...and I sit in it?
Well, I guess I'll take the duck,
since this thing doesn't have wheels!

Mirror, Mirror, on the floor...
WOW, your bow is fabulous!
Look, I'll swap you this green one for it...
Fine then, mine's more festive anyway!

He really ate all that?

How could he possibly think a bulldozer was his mother?

So you don't suck on it?
Seems a little inefficient to me!

Christmas is a LOT of work!...
and these people just don't take enough naps!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Growth Chart

When Mommy and I visited G&P Mulvihill in November, we met some of Grandma Bev's coworkers. One of them had a baby girl that is a few months older than me. She gave us this great idea to make a growth chart with pictures....So each month we'll take one with me sitting with my Courage Bear. We just started it at 4 months, but that's ok. (I probably would have flopped over before then anyway!)

9 mos

8 mos

7 months

6 Months
5 Months

4 Months (I think my cloth diaper is holding me up :-)

Reconciliation with Lambchop

Look Lambchop, I thought I told you to find a new Boppy to loiter on...

Now scram, before I have to pop you on the noodle!
What? You say you don't even LIKE milk?!

Get out, Mommy said I could even chew on you?!

Yeah, I TOLD everyone you were a OK....
Those adults, they're just so suspicious sometimes!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Visiting Papa Al and Nana Janice

Middle of December, and we were off again! This time I flew (with Mommy) to Florida to see Papa Al and Nana Janice. It was lots of fun. I hadn't seen them since August, and all I did back then was sleep. I was way more entertaining on this visit. I hardly napped at all, I just didn't want to miss anything! Nana Janice took me to visit Santa. (I thought his red suit would be interesting to me, but actually I didn't find him that exciting) Then, we had a big party... just for me!! I got to meet lots of Mommy's relatives. We got to visit my new cousin, Colton. He's 4 weeks older than me, but WAY bigger.... What a boy, he tried to eat my feet! We had lots of fun visiting. I don't really get it yet, but Mommy doesn't really like living so far away from all my grandparents.

Chillin with Papa Al (ok, so I don't look chilled...
Mommy's new camera kind of freaks me out!)

Hangin out, chat'in with my cousin Jillian

Cousin Steven (Jillian's Daddy) loves the baby girls!

Mommy and Colton

Nana had to protect me from Colton (I think he was trying to eat me :-)

Me and Kimberly (Colton's big sister)

Uncle Greg (Colton's Daddy)

Mommies and babies ... Mommy's sister, Cecilia